therapy makes me nervous, especially when i don’t go for more than a week. but it went well friday from what i recall…which right now is very little.

we talked about the others and trying to have more dialogue with them. i am still trying to figure out how to do that with journal writing. i cannot quite recall what she said about that, but i liked the idea of it.

we also talked about family a bit again. there are opportunities for me to see several family members again, but i do not want to go for as long as my sister is going for, so that is a problem.

i am having a real issue writing now after my last entry asking why people read this and having one person respond. it is bringing up a part that is wondering why we even bother to write and another part that wants me to just delete this and not write anymore. but then of course there is me who feels the need to write and vent, so i am stuck in between now. and “people suck” according to them. (i know it is not true of everyone, but they feel that way).