since i have a few followers now and you all read my blog and ‘like’ it, i am curious what led you to me. why do you read my blog? do you struggle with similar things or did you just randomly find me and decide to follow me? i usually do not get comments, so i am curious also why that is. do you just not know what to say?

part of why i started a blog was to get feedback and connect with people to some degree. i honestly find it sometimes disheartening to see i got a new ‘like’ but no comment. it feels more like facebook where people just like a post and move on and are more removed from things. a blog, to me anyway, should be different. it’s for sharing things on a different/deeper level than just posting a status update on facebook, and hopefully also for a bit more connection with those who follow it. maybe i am asking for too much. i don’t know.

it just is way different than years ago when i used to have an online journal. i would get feedback, opinions, thoughts, etc. from others and ‘met’ many people through it. it was a source of support for me as well as gave me the opportunity to support others. i also met many people through chatrooms and other sites, some of who became good friends, and some who i met in person.

online support has been a part of my life since i was 13. in fact, several times, it has literally saved my life. but over the last few years, i feel like people are almost more disconnected online than how it used to be. or maybe it’s just me.  things just feel…different.