I posted on FB about therapy and the lady in the waiting room talking about things that I didn’t feel were appropriate in the setting. One of my sister’s proceeded to tell me how everyone has a right to say what they want, and I can’t expect them to censor themselves or be quiet just because something upsets me. She told me I cannot even justify how I feel. It was incredibly triggering, hypocritical, and just not something I thought would happen. It is also part of why I don’t post a lot on that account and why I dislike that sister.

I GET that people are allowed to say what they want. But I also DO have the right to feel uncomfortable and ask someone to change a conversation if I am not able to leave (like waiting for an appointment).

It really triggered me. Part of me is doubting that we have a right to feel how we do just because of her saying that and growing up how we were told that basically anything we felt or thought was wrong. Then there is another part that says, no, we DO have a right to feel how we do just like others do. It is really upsetting and confusing.

Why is it okay for everyone else to be allowed to feel, think, and do what they want but it’s not okay for someone to feel how they do.I don’t feel good. Why is nothing okay about me.