i woke up feeling really off. my head was tingly, and my arms were tingly. i’ve been dissociated on and off since. it’s already been a few hours. panic comes and goes with it along with a few seconds of random images. it is confusing, and nothing makes sense. the images and feelings with them are from things in the past, but i don’t know what. i assume something related to traumas or similar times feeling this way. it is really difficult and scary.

my head is full of pressure and kind of hurts, but it’s more of a dull achy pressure.

i am trying to stay busy and do what i can. it’s not easy. it’s hard to focus. i cannot go outside because this is too much. and the air again would add to it. something about the air.

i feel trapped in between the present and nowhere. but i don’t want to go inside to the bad stuff even though i don’t know what it is. it does not feel safe. it isn’t safe.

why can’t things be okay.